Agile Testing Automation

Equip your testers for the world of Agile with test automation and collaborative analysis

Our Agile Test Automation course is an engaging one-day session filled with practical techniques designed to get your testers collaboratively refining requirements and automating their tests.

While the benefits of Agile through an implementation such as Scrum are well known, there are a number of technical testing practices that can enhance quality and consistency while shortening time to market and decreasing risk.

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This course covers

  • Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Specification by Example (SbE), and how these supporting approaches can enhance your Agile delivery.
  • Cucumber (Java) and SpecFlow (, the most popular tools to implement test automation with BDD, ATDD and SbE (above).
  • Selenium - the most widely-used web-based application testing tool.
  • Refining requirements collaboratively using practical techniques such as the Three Amigos, Diverge and Merge and Example Mapping.
  • Concrete Examples and how to define them so they serve as the basis for automated tests and establish a common understanding across all members of the Scrum team.
  • The Given-When-Then format (Gherkin language) and how it can be used to formalise Concrete Examples.
  • Executable Specifications and how the Given-When-Then format can be turned into automated tests.
  • Test automation best practices and supporting techniques such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Dependency Injection and mocking.
  • Scheduling automated tests using reactive, periodic and triggered builds.
  • Living Documentation and how automated tests can be used to establish a shared understanding and a repository of how your system currently behaves.
  • The Scrum framework and how best to include collaborative requirement refinement, test automation practices, and Living Documentation.
  • Effective Sprint Planning and various approaches for splitting Product Backlog Items into discrete technical tasks to maximise flow during your Sprints.

Additional course details

With a focus on Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Specification by Example (SbE), your testers will learn the leading tools and techniques to ensure that regression test cycles remain consistent and rapid to avoid ‘Waterfalling Sprints’.

As an added benefit, because these Automated Tests are based on examples of how the system is supposed to work, they serve not only for quality assurance purposes, but also automatically generate documentation. As your suite of Automated Tests grows, so does the documentation.

This course is run on-site, or a suitable training venue can be arranged.

What's included in each course?


The entire Mike Cohn Signature Series book collection

Your team will be given a copy of the entire Mike Cohn Signature Series to kick-start their Agile library. These books contain a wealth of information to help your team as they mature in their Agile approach, and start mastering more advanced practices and techniques.


USB pen with all electronic materials for each attendee

USB pens with the electronic course materials are provided to help your team members focus on the training and re-enforce their knowledge after the course.

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