Certified Scrum Product Owner Training (CSPO) – Sydney, 27-28 November 2019

Thank you for your interest in our training!

We're so sorry, but due to high demand, this course has sold out. Don't worry though as we have a couple of options for you:

  1. Contact us for a generous travel subsidy (so you can still attend without incurring additional costs) on (02) 9146 8480 or support@axisagile.com.au
  2. Join the Waitlist, as quite often, spots become available at the last minute if an attendee pulls out. Just fill in your details here
Price Qty
Early Bird Ticketshow details +$1,400.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Standard Ticketshow details +$1,600.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
CBA Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,260.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Westpac Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,260.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
TCS Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,120.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Double Alumni Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,120.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Qantas Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,260.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Glintech Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,120.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Interstate Attendee Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,120.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Tigerspike Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,260.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Macquarie Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,260.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Telstra Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,190.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
QMV Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,300.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
NAB Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,150.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Honeywell Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,200.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
SBS Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,300.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
KPMG Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,260.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Blackmores Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,200.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
MYOB Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,260.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Prepaid Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$0.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
GP Synergy Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,310.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
SBS Pre Paid Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$0.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
ING Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,330.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Hello SM Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,195.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Self funder Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,330.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Movember Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,260.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Boral Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,260.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
RBA Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,330.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Optus Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,320.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
Bigtincan Special Pricing Ticketshow details +$1,310.00 (AUD)  Sold Out
For your convenience, payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
Please contact us directly for other payment arrangements, including purchase orders.
Should you require any assistance or clarification during the booking process, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02-9146 8480.


Novotel Sydney Darling Square

17 Little Pier Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia



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