Applied JIRA (AJ)

While JIRA has certainly become the most popular tool for Agile teams, it also carries a number of confusing quirks that have been carried over from its history as a bug tracking tool.

Out of the box, JIRA doesn't answer a number of questions that most new Scrum teams have after leaving our certified training courses.

The Applied JIRA course was created to help teams to effectively apply what they learn in the CSM, CSPO and AST courses, using JIRA as their Agile tool.

Some of the common questions that we kept hearing that triggered the creation of this course include:

  • How do we manage and visualise requirements during both Product Backlog refinement and development?
  • How do we manage requirements that get split over multiple Sprints?
  • How do we better handle extra-long Product Backlogs?
  • How do we map the JIRA terms to the correct Scrum language?
  • How do we effectively capacity plan?

If JIRA isn't quite fitting as you'd expect it to then this course is for you and your team.

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