Certified Agile Training in Canberra – ACT

Get your Certified Agile training in Canberra with a globally acclaimed author and trainer!

Our engaging two-day Certified Scrum courses are designed to immerse you in Scrum’s fundamental principles while also offering a wide range of highly practical tactics, techniques and tips that work in the ‘real world’. These interactive courses feature a blend of activities, exercises, in-depth discussions and presentation segments to ensure that all learning styles are engaged.

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You Get Two Instructors

Your courses are led by two highly experienced, world-acclaimed instructors who are super energetic, passionate and funny (some would say at least...). Training with two instructors ensures a broader variety of war stories, more dynamic delivery, not to mention more parallel processing power to answer all your questions!

What is included in each course?

A copy of Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners

You get your very own copy of 'Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners', the hugely popular book that was selected to be part of the ‘Mike Cohn Agile Signature Series’ (the premiere book series on Scrum and Agile globally). This book is full of great Agile tactics, tools and tips that many have found to be invaluable. But don't take our word for it, check out the reviews on Amazon!

Scrum Alliance Membership & Online Assessment Fee

At the conclusion of our course, you will become a member of the Scrum Alliance. Join the largest community of Scrum professionals and make the most of your free 2-year membership by reading and submitting articles, going to global Scrum gatherings, regional gatherings and being a part of this ever-growing community. Any applicable online assessment fees are also included with this course.

We're here to support you!

Don’t worry, when you’ve concluded your training with us, we’re still here to help via our free ongoing support. Email us with a question and we’ll be sure to reply. That’s another advantage of having two highly experienced trainers. There’s more of us to go round!

Two decks of Planning Poker cards

Not only do you get to play some Planning Poker during our courses, you also get to take home two decks of high quality AxisAgile Planning Poker cards. Each deck has four colours and instruction cards so you can kick off your estimation sessions with a bang!

USB pen with all electronic materials

Getting a USB stick with all of the electronic course materials is cool. What’s even cooler is getting a stylish pen that has an embedded USB stick with not only the course materials but additional readings as well!

Workbooks to help you connect with the course

As well as an electronic copy of all of the slides and other materials, on the day you will receive a fill-in-the-gaps workbook to use and follow along with during the course. This has been specifically designed to help reinforce key learnings.

Two booklets to help you on your Agile journey

You don’t just receive a best-selling Scrum book but you also receive two extremely practical booklets written by another industry expert, Pete Deemer. The ‘Distributed Scrum Primer’ offers hints and tips to help make Scrum work across a geographically dispersed team, and the ‘Manager and Scrum’ offers a brief Scrum overview targeted at senior managers.

Training Location

Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport,
1 Rogan St, Canberra, ACT

This training location is well located, less than 10 minutes from Canberra’s CBD and 50 metres from the airport terminal

Parking is also available at the hotel, as well as overflow parking in the airport. Parking at the Vibe Hotel is $14 per day for course attendees

All of our training locations feature:

  • Central location - All of our training facilities are centrally located, so they are easy to get to by public transport or by car.
  • Great food - Our courses are fully catered on both days, with a light breakfast available on arrival, a hot buffet lunch, as well as morning and afternoon refreshments. You will definitely get the sustenance you need to get the most out of the course!
  • Professional staff -We pride ourselves on running a professional course, so our courses are held at venues that have the best facilities and so provide the best possible experience.

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