Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Become a CSM - the original & most globally recognised Certified ScrumMaster accreditation. Uniquely designed training course by internationally acclaimed author, and run by TWO of the most experienced instructors in Australia.

The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) is not only the original Agile certification but it is also without question the most globally recognised. With a focus on process leadership, the CSM teaches new Scrum Masters highly pragmatic, real-world patterns, techniques, tools and tips to help them lead Scrum teams.

The CSM is governed by the peak industry body, the Scrum Alliance. Home to the largest network of professional Scrum practitioners in the world – the Scrum Alliance applies the most stringent trainer certification process in the industry to ensure that you receive truly world-class Scrum and Agile training.

The previous in-person attendance requirement stipulated by the Scrum Alliance has been temporarily lifted to accommodate the current situation and we are excited to be able to offer our Certified Scrum Product Owner training session, virtually.

Our Virtual-Online course (laptop or desktop with Internet connection required) includes:

  • Downloadable training materials;
  • Real-time instruction; 
  • Relatable examples; AND
  • The option to attend the same training course in-person at a later date at no additional cost

The course will contain the same unique AxisAgile content and will also focus on how Scrum teams can collaborate remotely. The class size will remain limited to ensure all attendees are still able to effectively collaborate with each other and with both trainers. Completed in real time, attendees will work together in small teams and learn not only from the trainers but also through discussion in breakout sessions, exercises, targeted games and simulations.

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You get not one, but TWO instructors!

Our courses are led by two highly experienced and acclaimed instructors who are super energetic, passionate and funny (some would say at least...). Training with two instructors ensures a broader variety of war stories, more dynamic delivery, not to mention more parallel processing power to answer all questions thrown at us!

What is included in each course?


A copy of Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners

When attending our in-person session,you’ll receive your very own copy of 'Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners', the hugely popular book that was selected to be part of the ‘Mike Cohn Agile Signature Series’ (the premiere book series on Scrum and Agile globally). This book is full of great Agile tactics, tools and tips that many have found to be invaluable. But don't take our word for it, check out the reviews on Amazon!


Scrum Alliance Membership & Online Assessment Fee

At the conclusion of our course, you will become a member of the Scrum Alliance. Join the largest community of Scrum professionals and make the most of your free 2-year membership by reading and submitting articles, going to global Scrum gatherings, regional gatherings and being a part of this ever-growing community. Any applicable online assessment fees are also included with this course.


We're here to support you!

Don’t worry, when you’ve concluded your training with us, we’re still here to help via our free ongoing support. Email us with a question and we’re sure to reply. That’s another advantage of having two highly experienced trainers. There’s more of us to go round!


Two decks of Planning Poker cards

Not only do you get to play some Planning Poker during our courses, when you come along to an in-person session, you also get to take home two decks of high quality AxisAgile Planning Poker cards. Each deck has four colours and instruction cards so you can kick off your estimation sessions with a bang!


Stylish USB pen with all electronic materials

Getting a USB stick with all of the electronic course materials is cool. What’s even cooler is getting a stylish pen that has an embedded USB stick with not only the course materials but additional reading as well! This little gem will be yours when you come along to an in-person course. Until then, all relevant virtual course material will be available online and/or sent to you prior to the course.


Workbooks to help you connect with the course

On the day of your in-person training, you will receive a fill-in-the-gaps workbook to use and follow along with during the course. This has been specifically designed to help reinforce key learnings. For our virtual courses, an electronic version of this workbook will be made available to you.


Two booklets to help you on your Agile journey

You don’t just receive a best-selling Scrum book but at the in-person course you will also receive two extremely practical booklets written by another industry expert, Pete Deemer. The ‘Distributed Scrum Primer’ offers hints and tips to help make Scrum work across a geographically dispersed team, and the ‘Manager and Scrum’ offers a brief Scrum overview targeted at senior managers. Our virtual course attendees will receive an online version of both booklets.

Laptop Bag

Sleek laptop case to keep it all together

Not only do we provide you with a whole host of great merchandise, but at the in-person course we also ensure that you have an efficient way to take it all home with you via the neat laptop bag that you will also receive! You’re welcome 🙂

This course covers

  • A Scrum and Agile overview
  • Selling Scrum to senior business stakeholders
  • When to apply Scrum vs Waterfall
  • Creating a Product Vision
  • Prioritising and refining the Product Backlog using the Definition-of-Ready
  • Understanding User stories, Epics and Themes
  • Managing the Definition-of-Done and non-functional requirements
  • How to handle unplanned work, such as defects and business-as-usual (BAU) tasks
  • How to blend Scrum with Kanban
  • How to apply Scrum outside of technology
  • How to foster self-organising teams
  • The Scrum roles – Scrum Master, Product Owner and the Developers
  • How to transition a team to Scrum using the Transition Backlog
  • Popular Scrum tools and resources
  • A day in the life of a typical Sprint
  • Sprint Planning and the Sprint Backlog
  • Formats, tips and tricks to run effective: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, Refinement, Reviews and Retrospectives
  • Managing WIP and flow using Visual Management Boards (VMBs)
  • Relative Estimation and Planning Poker
  • Release Planning and the Enhanced Release Burndown chart

Other inclusions

  • For Project Management Professionals (PMPs), this course counts for 15 Professional Development Units (PDUs).
  • This course also counts for 15 of the 21 hours of Agile Project Management Training for your PMI-ACP Certification.

Upcoming Certified Scrum Master courses

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July 01, 2020 - July 02,2020
Virtual-OnlineCertified Scrum Master (CSM)

General Virtual-Online Course Information

Course Requirements - You will need a computer or laptop with webcam capability, and a good stable Internet connection. You will need to be visually present throughout the course on the webcam in order to be certified.  

Sign In Information - At least 2 days prior to your course date, you will be provided with your unique log-in details, and all the information you need to prepare for your course.

Course times - Your real-time training will commence promptly at 9am and conclude at 5pm with plenty of activities and breaks (of course!) in between. Your full attendance and full participation over both days is required for certification. 

Certification Information

Within 48 hours after successfully completing the course, we will nominate you to the Scrum Alliance for certification. You will then have 90 days to sit the 50 question test and answer 37 questions correctly within the 60 minute time limit. After you pass the CSM test (2 attempts are included in the ticket price) you will be asked to accept the CSM License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile. Don’t worry - you will learn everything you need to know at the course 🙂

Private Certified Courses

Please contact us to discuss options for in-house, private versions of this course.

Who Should Attend

Developers, team leads, project team members, architects, coders, testers, IT/Development Managers, Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and PRINCE2 Practitioners interested in learning and applying the Scrum framework to their projects teams or organizations will all benefit from this course.

Group Bookings and Invoices

We also offer discounts for group bookings and invoicing as a method of payment. For more information please contact us now.

Refund, Replacement and Postponement Policy

If you have booked onto a course and aren't able to make your course date please refer to our Refund, Replacement and Postponement Policy



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