Agile Business Analyst

The role of Business Analyst (BA) changes in the Agile world - stay ahead with new techniques, tools and tactics to guide your Agile team and support your Product Owner.

Our Agile BA course is an engaging 1-day session designed to provide Business Analysts with the knowledge and techniques to optimise the delivery of requirements, ensure teams build relevant products, and assist Product Owners manage the demands of complex initiatives.

Based on the Agile Extension to the BABOK guide, this course builds its foundation on the industry’s best practices.

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This course covers

  • Traditional vs Agile requirement analysis - Learn how the role of Business Analyst changes
  • Agile Extension to the BABOK guide - Understand the three horizons and seven principles
  • User Story Mapping - See the whole, while gathering detail on what is most important
  • Where Business Analysts fit in - Understand how a BA fits within a cross-functional delivery team
  • Refining requirements collaboratively - Empathise with the customer, and observe requirements through their eyes
  • Product Backlog - Establishing a sequential delivery order to maximise value delivered
  • Product Backlog Refinement - Understand iterative and incremental analysis
  • Definition of Ready (DoR) - Control the quality of requirements
  • User Stories and User Story Splitting - Utilise the most popular Agile requirement format
  • Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) - Understand how concrete examples can drive out assumptions and ambiguity
  • Job Stories - Understand your customers’ motivations and deliver a result that delights them
  • Fully-dressed and casual use-cases - Use-cases are a valid alternative to User Stories when applied correctly on an Agile project
  • Feature Driven Development (FDD) features - An alternative format to help deal with technical requirements that don’t translate well to a User Story
  • Non-functional requirements - How to include non-functional requirements as part of the Product Backlog and/or Definition of Done (DoD)
  • Kanban, dual-track Scrum and the double-diamond technique - Track BA activities, and optimise the flow of requirements
  • Sprint operations - Deal with changing requirements, disruptive stakeholders, and teams that ask for unecessary detail

What's included in each course?


The entire Mike Cohn Signature Series book collection

Your team will be given a copy of the entire Mike Cohn Signature Series to kick-start their Agile library. These books contain a wealth of information to help your team as they mature in their Agile approach, and start mastering more advanced practices and techniques.


USB pen with all electronic materials for each attendee

USB pens with the electronic course materials are provided to help your team members focus on the training and re-enforce their knowledge after the course.

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