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Let Us Help You Succeed: Customised Agile Coaching and Consulting Programs

At AxisAgile we very much value your engagement and we'll never take it for granted. As such, our coaching and consulting services are designed to empower your Agile teams as cost-effectively and time-efficiently as possible ensuring that you do not need to commit to an expensive full-time coach.

Our expertise and experience allow us to develop client-tailored programs of the highest quality. They are developed around your needs, constraints, workplace culture and industry to ensure optimal outcomes from your time with us.

While we have two refined, structured packages namely our 'Agile Ignition Program' and 'Agile Health Check', please feel free to speak to us about any other specific bespoke requirements.

Agile Ignition Program

Designed to support new Scrum teams who are serious about setting themselves up for success. The program utilises a tapered-series of onsite coaching and consulting days conducted by a highly experienced Agile coach.

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Agile Health Check

A great way to objectively baseline your team's current Agile readiness in preparation for a new Scrum implementation.

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