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We’ve got a secret. Not many people know this but a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… we worked for Darth Vader (DV). We were doing some Scrum coaching to help rebuild the Death Star and to do it right. In our discussions with DV, we asked him, “Why Scrum?” He confided in us that while the first Death Star was seen as a success (it housed his army, it flew, it destroyed things), he felt that the thermal exhaust port ‘issue’ was preventable if the project was run as a Scrum project.

So why the revelation now? While going through some old hard drives, we found some pictures that took us well and truly down memory lane. While not all of the memories are good (watching your UX designer get strangled by DV still troubles us), we did do some good work and had a great time. We want to make sure the world knows that there were some talented and dedicated Scrum teams working on the Death Star rebuild. Sure, we couldn’t finish the project but we don’t blame Scrum for that. We blame Wedge Antilles and Lando Calrissian.

Feel free to use these images in any of your Scrum Powerpoint or Keynote presentations. They might even get you a chuckle or two. But we do ask one favour. We would really appreciate you leaving the link to our website in the image. It’s a good way to spread the Scrum word across the universe.


Scrumtroopers at work

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Taskboards in Scrum - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers
Sprints in Scrum - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers
Planning Poker in Scrum - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers
Killed Sprints in Scrum - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers
Daily Scrums - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers
Retrospectives in Scrum - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers
Planning Poker in Scrum - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers
Metrics in Scrum - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers
Daily Standups in Scrum - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers
Bugs in Scrum - AxisAgile Scrumtroopers




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