Personal Agility

The modern world places many demands on our attention. As Agile practitioners, we’re often left wondering:

  • How can I keep focused on the most important thing that I need to do right now when faced with a world of distractions?
  • What can I do about the effects of stress on myself and my team?
  • How can I keep tapped into my creativity and ensure states of productive flow during my work day?

How can I best work with my emotional state so that I can provide the greatest service to my team?

Personal Agility’ exists as a resource for Agile Practitioners who are grappling with these questions. Maintaining focus in a busy world is necessary and challenging. Adapting to an ever-changing environment is at the core of Agile practice. Scrum and other Agile frameworks seek to meet these challenges at the level of the team and the organisation.

But what about the individual? What can you do to ensure your personal focus is at its best?

‘Personal Agility’ is a resource for individuals and teams to help answer these questions.

We help knowledge workers develop capacity in each of the following important areas:

  • Mindfulness
  • Focus
  • Flow





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