Agile for Compliance

Learn how to apply Agile principles and practices to Compliance projects

There is little doubt that the compliance and reporting obligations of many organisations have increased significantly over the past decade. These demands coupled with complex regulatory requirements have driven many teams towards Agile ways of working to help them prioritise these requirements, mitigate delivery risk and create alignment.

Our Agile for Compliance course is an engaging one-day workshop full of practical techniques designed to get your team:

  • Understanding the makeup of your multi-disciplinary team and how representatives from Legal, Audit, Learning and Development, Marketing, Communications, IT and Operations teams can work collaboratively
  • Prioritising, splitting and delivering your compliance requirements sooner
  • Showing progress to your business and regulatory stakeholders
  • Working transparently
  • Significantly reducing waste
  • Continuously improving

Our hands on experience working on complex compliance projects spanning various industries means that AxisAgile is uniquely positioned to introduce Agile to your compliance initiatives.

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Additional course details

This course is run on-site, or a suitable training venue can be arranged.

What's included in each course?


The entire Mike Cohn Signature Series book collection

Your team will be given a copy of the entire Mike Cohn Signature Series to kick-start their Agile library. These books contain a wealth of information to help your team as they mature in their Agile approach, and start mastering more advanced practices and techniques.


USB pen with all electronic materials for each attendee

USB pens with the electronic course materials are provided to help your team members focus on the training and re-enforce their knowledge after the course.

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